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Free and best music apps one can download on an Android device

Music is surely a form of art that has a special place in everyone’s heart, for some its way too hard and for others well not so much but they still love it. So, you want to have your headphones on, turn out the volume loud? And play the song you desire? Online streaming has been quite mainstream, but what if we tell you that you can get music apps which is fun filled even when you’re offline after storing your music being streamed – and a plus point is ‘Its Free Buddy’.

We’ll be updating you with a grand list of some music apps, that are totally free for downloading the music on your Android and you may enjoy even when you’re offline with no internet services.

Something to keep in mind

You can have these music apps downloading files for you, totally free. But, what you must know is even the music is for free, but it is not mandatory that it’s available with the copyright owners permission. You must be aware that there are several downloading of music on pirated sites which aren’t even legal, so just make sure that you acquire Creative Commons or Copy left permission before downloading MP3s.

So let’s get started with the free downloading by music apps that are available for your Android device.

Palco MP3


You need a podium to share your music around the World? Well Palco MP3 is providing a fun filled bridge to autonomous Brazilian musicians to share their music and composed songs with the people around the entire world. There’s a huge figure of 100,000 artists that has been sharing their art of music of a broad range of different kinds.

What can you acquire with the usage of this app, that’s your question right? Well, you can curate playlists of your favorite tunes, you may stream up radios, and you can go for downloading the music for free so you may enjoy it afterwards. Now, if you want hip hop, samba, bossa nova or electronica, this is the app where you are going to explore all this without any difficulty. So, go to your Google play, and get this music app installed right away to enjoy your passion for music.

4Shared Music


Everyone has a different choice of music, some like it hard and fast, and some prefer soft and sweet, so of course there must be a vast variety package of music in whatever music app you want to download. Well, 4Shared Music has a large range of free music, there has been 5,965,819 tracks available. You may easily search for your selected music files in the wide pack of database and this app helps to get your desired mp3 music files get filtered so you may get your searched file easily.

You don’t have to worry for storage, 4shared cloud folder is there to store up to 15 GB of files of music, which you can easily listen and enjoy afterwards offline.



Desire for DJ mixed songs as well? C’mon then, RockMyRun is here on your Android gadgets to give you a playlist of your desired songs even when you’re offline. You can even relate your BPM to your heart rate, filter your desired playlist. So, you must be excited for such an astonishing app to be installed on your Android right?

Google Play Music


Google is never behind in any aspect, Google Play Music is a Google’s marketplace for downloading music for free on Android. One of the surely top Play Store apps being considered, Google Play Store makes you enjoy every bit of your music desires.


Advanced Download Manager


Get 3 in 1 done by this app. Advanced Download Manager is letting you download Mp3s and Mp4s file of your choice, it enables you to go for the settings to customize your files that are being downloaded, limiting your speed. It is going to provide fast downloading speed.



Arabic music is your choice? Well, you’ve got your hand on the right app, Anghami is targeted for the use of people in Middle East, with Arabic music. So, even after living far away, you can enjoy the true essence of Arabic music.


Source: AndroidPIT