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Facebook testing emojis to find a dislike button solution

What are you supposed to do when you don’t like any post on Facebook? Well, don’t be lost because Mark Zuckerberg have been looking up on this since a long time and now he is planning to introduce a dislike button, composed of six emojis defining what you feel about that post  – ‘love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Yay’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’.

No option till yet, but now you have

Since people have been desiring for a dislike button since long, so now here we are going to be served with a dislike button to express our emotions for a particular post. But don’t panic, because the like button is not going anywhere, in fact these new buttons will be accommodated with the previous one alongside and will vast the way to express your feelings to a post.


These six emojis have been discovered after testing and observing several users and their comments and posts, so that none of these maybe considered useless or confusing.

Confused until now right?

There have been many friends in our friend list who put up status that mustn’t be ‘liked’ but since till now we didn’t have any other option than liking we are forced to press that ‘Like” button to show our concern. Now, it will be an easy task for you to show your concern via proper emoji to your friend.

If your friend had a breakup, and posts up something heartbreaking, you wouldn’t want to like it right? But if you don’t then it means you don’t care for them and have no concern, so now you’ll be having a wide range of emoji’s to show your “heartbroken friend’ how sad you are for them.

Or if someone posts about someone’s death or a natural disaster, of course you wouldn’t opt for the like button so get into these six emojis and get the one you desire to show your distress towards your friend.

Wait and get an experience new emojis

First, these emojis will be launched in Spain and Ireland to be tested so that we may not get disappointed by having an updated version of Facebook emojis. And after these emojis being accepted by the users and get in their minds with a clear vision we may experience these over the Facebook for all of the users.