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Everything to know about the 4th generation Apple TV

Apples iPods, iPads, and iPhones were a complete and utter success and were also dearly loved by its users. Soon after this, Apple decided to release a living room media, a television.  (Apple TV) which didn’t have a lunar record yet. Considerably in 2007, Apple launched its first Apple TV “a hobby”, it reached a lot of hits and likes and soon after this, and they began an eternal campaign, which had the purpose to know what its users actually wanted it to be capable of doing.

Three years later, they added another feature in the second gen-version, that feature was- Airplay- to stream and mirror from devices like iOS and Mac. Then a third gen-model was proposed which added 1080p support, apparently less than two years.

The Apple TV’s went up to huge popularity and sale and was a complete success but its antagonistic prices didn’t help the devices to reach up to the fame of Roku, Google or Amazon rivals.

Don’t Take Risks.

The users of Prior generation Apple TV are already acknowledged of what the new versions would be capable of doing, like playing music, videos on your TV, including videos or music directly streamed from the internet or Airplay streamed content, which can be taken straight away from any nearby apple devices or Mac.


The new Apple TV has so many new features based on tvOS. It has amazing features, the first one is, it can easily download third-party apps, or games. Secondly, it can assimilate or combine data content with several audio or video streams for a next generation interactive TV experience. Third, it will supply you as a center for HomeKit accessories and would also control your TV and home theater system. To sum up the words written above, the Apple TV is not just an audio, video or photo player anymore; it is now an entire iOS based game console and more like a mini computer for your Television.


This new and amazing Apple TV is made utterly from lustrous and matte black plastic. It looks just like its two predecessors, with two rear port changes and approximately about 50% taller. It does not have any optical audio output and forces all the audio to go in the HDMl and the micro-USB port has given a way to USB-C connector. It also have a iFixit Notes, a giant heat sink inside of it which makes it conspicuously heavier than ever.


Apart from this the US version of Apple TV has another feature in it which is the new SIri Remote, which is probably black on the top, and silver at the bottom which makes it ravishingly attractive, plus it is greater in size, from every measurement as compared to the remotes of the second generation Apple TV. For better use and gentler swiping and positioning, Apple has replaced the prior four navigation circle with a more attractive matte glass surface which is much smoother and pretty nice to handle. The glass can easily be pushed backwards for menu selections, and unlike Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2, it can actually be clicked.

It also have new buttons, that helps to permit the SIri remote which allows your Tv’s volume up and down , activate twin built in microphones for Siri’s voice. A new feature has been added, which can control certain TV’s on and off switches using the SIri remote and surprisingly, It now has a Bluetooth and infrared transmitters built in for wireless communications and this feature is called, Home Theater Control. Another good news is that Apple is now introducing A multi-month rechargeable battery and allows you to refuel it with an including lightening to USB cable.  Amazing news is that the third party Bluetooth game controllers are supported as well as the speakers or headphones. But unlike prior Apple’s TV’s, Bluetooth keyboards are still a mystery and never appear to work, for example, Apple has just released Magic keyboard which does not work unless it is connected through a USB-C adaptor.


Apple has always been coming up with new innovations to entertain the Apple lovers; similarly Apply has now redesigned a TV user interface of Apple with new and astonishing visual enhancements.

All that you will experience is going to be even brighter, with enhanced color palette. And the text has now flipped to Apples new San Francisco font, and even the shadows are updated to your text for making it more creative. Increment to iOS 7 has now been made by creating a new translucent pane for developing a path to tvOS with better and incredible results.


As Apple is fond of bringing up changes through out their development, here a big change is made in speed, Apple TV will now be allowing you top zip rather than plodding through your given menus, as A8 processor and Siri remote are going to balance and support this wisely. App icons are goig to be added as an innovative feature followed by 3D cover art images which have been developed including 2-5 parallax layers to create depth and sensitivity.

Siri is much more holding the command this time, it is certainly going to entertain the users with a much better interface, rather than having to search for the icons of app, Siri is now going to enable you to give commands through voice like a boss. All you have to do is, just hold the button of Siri Remote and the microphone button while the time you are commanding for a particular app so that t may hear and respond accurately to what you desire.

So are you thinking that once the command is given you have to follow the flow? Well, Siri is now way more ahead than you can think. Siri can be made available in the middle of any activity being performed. Like, if you are up with a movie and you miss something, you may easily query the Siri to repeat you ‘what they just said’. The remote is way too convenient to operate; the touch surface can expand or hide the information panels.

As mentioned before, the UI is now going to amaze you, you may get extreme beautiful noticeable Apple screen savers 1080p flyover videos of the most beautiful places ever seen, like London, Hawaii, NY city.

You may download bundles of each of about 600MB, and want to know how many are there available? Well, even more than 10 for each currently on Apple servers. Even the users with lacking of ability to hear or see can access through this interface easily, because of new and advanced features. Addition to make is, you may easily achieve customization of your screen by the enhanced UI.

Apps and Games.

Apple TV’s consist of A8 processor which is apparently one year and three generations old and has already been surpassed in power by the IPad Air 2’s A8X, IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s Plus’s A9 and IPad Pro’s A9X.But at least it contains as much horsepower as  IPad Air, IPad mini 2 and 3, IPhone 6, and IPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Tv is surely all ready for new games which are supported by it and as well as hundreds and thousands of previous games which are now updated and ready to be played. The games are in flawless 3D, no less than the PlayStation, Xbox or the original Wii, and it is also competent of managing 2D games with ease.



One thing to warn to people out there, who use tvOS games, is that Apple is constantly ignoring the requests of stern gamers concerning basic controller issues, such as allowing developers to propose games without support for the preventive Siri remote. Multi player gaming might also be restricted due to simultaneous connection limitation of new Apple TV’s Bluetooth chip. These are some reasons why Apple is not capable of achieving better goals as compared to other major game developers and their patrons.

Quoting a fact, apps are much easier to code as compared to games. essential widgets to broaden the functionality of traditional TV features, for instance watching sports, or hearing about the weather, will appear in seconds i.e very quickly


Source: 9to5Mac