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Easy steps to create a Facebook profile video

As we all know that Facebook does not keep its look monotonous. In order to keep its users from getting bored it keeps upgrading and modifying its looks and settings after every few months. Either the layout of news feed is changed or things are added here and there, every now and then. Following this trend, Facebook recently made another modification only this time it is related to the profile picture and the idea is quite new. This new feature eliminates the same static look of the profile picture and instead comes up with the all new ‘7 second video’. This new feature is currently launched on iPhone and is specifically a feature suited for mobile application at the moment.


In order to make profile video from your iOS app follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap the “More” button on the lower-right corner of your screen.
  • Secondly, tap your name to open your Facebook profile.
  • Tap your profile picture which will make some options appear.
  • Among these options, will be the update, highlighted.
  • Select from either, take a new profile video or update video or photo.
  • The former will let you record a video of 7 seconds or less.
  • The latter will let you choose a video of max 7 seconds, the option to trim isn’t available.
  • After taking or uploading video, you can select a thumbnail from the video which will be set as profile picture.

Moreover, the video can only be seen when someone visits your profile but not on the news-feed because that will make the news-feed appear even more distracting and messy with all the activities already going on.

Furthermore, in the update is the all new bio field that enables you to add a brief, 101-character long paragraph about yourself and featured photos that lets you select the five photos that appear on the mobile version of your profile page.

We are surely looking forward to further modifications on Facebook after this one as this feature has turned over a new leaf and has got everyone talking and excited about the upcoming up gradations.