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Convert your iPhone 6s live photos into an animated gif or a video

One of the feature that shocked people most, when iPhone 6s and 6s plus were revealed, was one that made an ordinary photo come to life. These particular photos are called, Live Photos. Making these photos available on platforms other than iOS 9, watchOS 2 and OS X El Capitan, is not a possibility at the moment. However, there is a brand new app that might help us with this situation.

Live GIF has come up to the rescue! This app helps in transforming Live Photos into GIF files. Now, with the help of this you can easily share content with your social circle, giving them access to your files over the Web using any type of device. Prime, the makers/designers of this app have made the app user-friendly and settings that cannot be customized while converting photos.



At the start up of this app, it will look up for all the current photos living up in your camera roll and then list them down on a grid of the app’s interface. The app only needs you to select a Live Photo in order to convert and then it will do the rest. The Photo can then be shared all over social media, accessible from any site or device, you can even send it over email or message, or even save it up in your gallery. With Live GIF any Live Photo can also be easily converted into a video and shared ultimately across all social networking sites.


You would be even gladder to find out that this app comes in very handy where compatibility with 3D touch is concerned. Live GIF enables and is compatible with quick actions and even supports Peek and Pop feature. This means that this will enable users to quickly have a look and preview content without having to completely open it.

Lastly, Live GIF costs $1.99 and is accessible on the App Store. It will come in very handy if you own an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. 

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Source: RedmondPie