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Best free iOS apps for Health and Fitness in 2015

Good news for Apple users, you are now given a flexibility of getting enjoyed by the ios apps as well as staying fit, with the help of IPhone. Want to know how? Good question! IPhone is providing you with some of very useful ios apps that would help you stay fit. For instance, what would you do if an army of half-dead or infected people are running after you to eat you alive or to beat you up? Obviously, run like a cheetah. Run like cheetah or any other fast animal to save your life, haha. That’s exactly what these IPhone apps are giving you! These amazing games give you these sound effects and cool adventures which would force you to run for your lives and as you run, you will find new supplies that would help you to fend off the infected or half dead people.

You will find astonishing games to keep you in shape and keep you fit, for instance a game by an award-winning writer Naomi Alderman, Zombies, Run! is marvelous and exciting game which would help you stay fit and healthy.

Starva Running and Cycling.


Starva running and cycling is the perfect app, which would help you stay healthy and fit. This incredible app maps or traces your run. Starva running and cycling uses your GPS and tracks your running and your exercise and makes a chart out of it which will help you stay acknowledged of how much you have exercised in a day or in a week.

This amazing ios app is also a remarkable way to sense your competition with a detailed heart-rate analysis, filtered leaderboards, weekly-time based goals and integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Apple’s built in health application.




This amazing app is free to use but full access comes with an auto-renewing subscription. Other than this, this app gives you entire gym machines, so you can exercise and it also provides slo-mo training videos which helps to revenue tips about fitness. Starting from push-ups and sit-ups to burbees and leg-levers and many other amazing and effective exercises which will definitely help you to shack weight and become fit and active in a certain period of time.




Why go to Yoga classes, when you can have an entire yoga session at your home for just $2.99? As everyone know, yoga is the best exercise that would give you relaxation. In this application you will find useful yoga poses and sequences that is going to be a lot helpful for you to shed your weight and be fit, along with this, this app also provides you a track record of your exercises and progress.

Yoga Studio is an amazing resource of yoga classes, no matter you are trying yoga for the first time or you have acknowledged it earlier. All you have to do is pay the fee and you are allowed to enjoy 65 different yoga classes which will help you with tractability, strength, relaxation and stability.




For the starters, you should be acknowledged that this app is entirely free. Doesn’t matter how much exercise, push-ups, running or cycling you do, this is not going to be much effective unless you take care of your diet along with it. Lifesum helps and tracks your meals as simple and upright as possible and good for you, and also keeps track of your diet plans.

No matter you are trying to shed weight, gain weight, give good shape to your body or what so ever, Lifesum holds a clean record of  your food or how much water have you been ingesting and gives you helpful advices on how to improve your diet and get accomplished in your goals.


Map my run.


As compared to all the fitness applications ever, this application is one of the best ones ever used. This application not only tracks where you have been or how much you ran in the past certain period of time. This is something all applications provide you with. This application gives you something extra, it assimilates with activity trackers like Garmin, Jawbone, Fitbit to help you be acknowledged on intensity as well. You can also take advantage and use the Map My Run application for different fitness advices that you need or other manipulating challenges, if you need them in order to encourage you and help you to accomplish the fitness goals that you did set up.



To sum up, it is ought to say that IPhone is no longer just a device with which you can text, call, play games and socialize only, it has now turned into a mini gym for you. A gym which offers you with diverse exercises and health tips and moreover, gives you an entire track record of what you have been exercising or doing, and how helpful it is proving to be for you. IPhone applications also act as your gym instructor or your fitness helper which also provides you with your diet plan, what you should eat and what you should not eat. IPhone applications are getting vast after every short period of time which is a worthy news for the IPhone users.