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Android 6.0 vs iOS 9 – which operating system is better

So, lets talk about Android 6.0 and iOS 9. No doubt both are magnificent but if we compare both, the results are something like this.

Release Date

Apple announced its iOS 9 release date on 8th June at Apple WWDC event and was exposed on an Apple event on 9th September along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. In July, the beta version of iOS 9 was unveiled and the final version of all iPhones will be announced on 16th of September

On the other side, Android 6.0 or also known as Android Marshmallow, was disclosed in May by Google I/O and then on 17th of August it was inveterate. It is expected that Marshmallow will be disclosed on two new Nexus devices on 29th September, at a Google event held at San Francisco as per the past Android updates, none of the Nexus devices might take longer to get this updated and amazing Android version.



Well iOS is giving us amazing iOS new style font and trying to keep the rest in the way they already are. However, Apple is introducing a remarkable new feature that is titled as ’intelligence’ to OS. This involves involuntary help considering your location and stalking the usage of your cell phones. For instance, if you are in the gym, working out and you plugged in your headphones, you iPhone iOS 9 will track your location that is ‘gym’ and automatically open the “Working-out Playlist”, the playlist you made so that you can hear it while working out. Other than this iOS 9 is also providing its users the easiness of searching information about different applications without actually getting into the application and using it. For instance, you can use iOS app search to search about the newest recipes in the recipe app or to instantly look for the results of the sports in the ESPN app. It is pretty easy and quite easy to handle, I must say. The new iPad pro is also providing us with an incredible Multi-tasking feature There are some amazing aptitudes with the hardware of the new iPads and iPhones.


On the other side, there isn’t much change in the Android 6.0 or Marshmallow interface. The Android kept it pretty much the same as the Lollipop version and it is to be said that Lollipop interface was pretty cool. We are still expecting Google to refine the lollipop interface and improve it even more rather than renovating the interface entirely.  Android Marshmallow has actually given its users a little more to use compared to the Lollipop interface.  Like a quick adjustable settings, rotating home screen, a dark theme, new RAM, visual voicemail, simplified storage and battery settings and much more, that you would literally love to use.

Siri vs. Google Now


Both the Android 6.0 and iOS 9 have some amazingly interesting features, something worth bragging about, haha. Well, iOS 9 has turned Siri more and more cooperative and helpful. Siri is now making contextual encroachments in iOS 9. For instance, if you are getting a call from an unknown number, siri can now help you to find out who that is. Amazing, no? Siri will be needing all of your iPhone’s information like your email and messages and with that help, Siri is going to assist you to find out who that unknown number belonged to. And that’s not it! Suppose you have a very important meeting with someone, all siri will do, is use all the information and data from your cell phone and email and add that person to your home screen so that if you urgently want to call them, all you got to do is just tap once on your screen. This is something like what Google now has done since Android Kit Kat back then in 2013.


You must be still thinking about the amazing features iOS 9 is giving you but wait there’s more on the other hand, Android Marshmallow, is providing its users with the most remarkable features ‘Google now on Tap’, which was  declared as the ‘Coolest features of Android’ in early June. With this feature, if you are listening to a new song and you don’t know anything about the singer or something related to that all you have to do is ask your questions like ‘Who’s the singer?’ or ‘is this guy even alive?’ or anything you like to know about them. If someone is asking you where you want to go for lunch today, all you have to do is hold down the home/Google now in your text message and you will get all the information about the good nearby places to have lunch at.

Privacy is an implicit need


One of the most obvious issues people have with their phones are privacy issues.  But you don’t have to worry now because now, no apps will demand access to your personal data, your emails or your private information. With Apple iOS 9 the data of your cell phones will be safe. With all the new Siri features, all the information used by Siri will strictly be stored in your devices and is safe for your own advantage.


On the other hand Marshmallow, is now providing it’s users with better privacy settings. Permission will only be asked as and when you need them to be asked. And the best part is that without contravening the app, you would be able to say them ‘No’. This idea is taken by iPhone and iPhone is glad about this. IPhone also pleases taking ideas from Android.

Battery matters


Battery has always been considered as a crucial feature and is always a headache for most. Power banks and other ways are being developed to overcome this problem. However, no enhancements or developments have been made on the hardware side which could relieve us from this trauma we face every day. Therefore, android has earlier given a solution to this problem which consisted of limiting the phone usage by eliminating unnecessary programs. Android 6.0 has taken this to the next level by limiting the background activity of the applications to a minimum level. Android 6.0 is also embedded with USB-C support for much faster charging.


Whereas, while comparing the same feature with iOS 9 for iOS devices, we have now been introduced with a ‘low  battery mode’ option to reduce the background activities taking place, like it doesn’t fetch mails, gives you a low background refresh, with no tone for your messages and much more which increases the life of your battery mode.

Payments is now an easy task – Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9


Android and Apple has been going up with a real high competition. Android is playing catch-up with Apple when it comes to mobile payments, and to that end is giving its system a major reshuffle. What until now was known as Google Wallet will be re-branded as Android Pay. It will use NFC to let customers make mobile payments initially in 700,000 locations around the US.



And further ahead from July, we can easily use Apple Pay which will be compatible with 70% of UK credit cards.


Source: AndroidPIT