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Android 5.0 battery life and performance walkthrough

Google has released ‘Android 5.0 lollipop’ in the last November which proved to be a one of the major achievements in one of today’s most popular mobile operating system. Like all Android revisions the system was updated over the air to nexus devices. Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 Tablet, these new devices were introduced by Google and was accomplished with the provision of Android 5.


Nexus has a way to go

By unluckily for those people who did not have a Nexus device had to eagerly wait for the fresh and new software to get to their phones. iOS and Windows phone both arose with fast and better than ever updates but the Android updates were slow which made the android users upset and unsatisfied.

Enhancement by Android 5.0

Frankly speaking, we are not here to announce how poor the Android updating system is, but we are here to pursue that how the updates of core architecture in Android 5.0 has been enhanced, giving us better battery life in the existing handsets of Android. And finally the time Is here that we got some official information about these updates and trust me, it took a lot of endurance.

Global Rollout

Before I talk about the better updates in the android 5.0 Lollipop I would like to talk about the global rollout of the software in some of the devices that came across me and grabbed my attention.

Galaxy S5 in look up

The very first thing that should be observed over here is that not all of the android devices are produced correspondingly. For instance, the Galaxy S5 have many dissimilar SKUs and for the note, the software development teams within the markets work on different rates on altered SKUs.

You won’t even believe but at times, even the regional versions of the same SKUs aren’t being upgraded on their time, the seamless example for this is SM-G9001 Galaxy S5 which was upgraded in Taiwan but not in Australia.

Android 5.0 has actually made it’s way

Android 5.0 has been released on most of the handsets nowadays, 5 handsets that would be important to mention can be The Galaxy Note, 3 appearing to have updates, Xperia Z2 and Z1 would be more crucial to mention. Since, Galaxy A5 has been shipped out without having featured by Android 5.0, I’m a bit confused.


Validate, Impression and Universal Performance

The testing and compatibility checking can be achieved by comparison of such fur devices: Motorola Moto X(2014) and Moto G(2014) Dual sim, The Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G9001 and the LG G3. These devices were well aware of the updating of Android 5.0 and therefore were successfully update to Android 5.0 from Android 4.4. All the updates were actually officially ROMs and those were provided by OEM.

On the Moto in addition to Moto G, is your-up to date help OS 5.0 which is sufficiently offering you a good unskinned in addition to basically real variant the involving of Lollipop, preserving for a custom remarking couple with enhancing it by additional features and functions.

Nexus, as a better defined obtaining device, or The Search Play Format gadget, is close to the official release of OS that may be acquired by you.

Substance designs, full of greeting cards equipped to restore animations is observed during and also the brand new notice method of including the lock screen notifications for your ease seems to be better and well defined than the previous updates experienced of the OS.

Updating to Android 5.0 – Samsung 5.0

Now, Samsung Galaxy S5’s has been majorly updated to Android 5.0 including the extravagant version of TouchWiz. The style has been identified to be the same and responding to the previous version. The above mentioned were a few actual changes that could be seen and experienced well. Iteration and increments has been never ignored or uttered by Samsung,


LG is not way behind

Similarly, LG Android 5.0 update linked to the G3 has been involving minimum amount of changes. Exactly the change of cards, lock screen notification, task switcher, but mostly the same as it was before. So, don’t keep your hopes much way high for changes or updates that Lollipop is going to inherit, because that is not going to take place.

Sum It Up

Of course, much updated version mainly the better it is, Android 5.0 has been noticed to be smooth, and fast than Android 4.4, in terms of browsing, streaming, switching apps, especially on LG G3 that defined a slow implementation in KitKat.