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12 creative free iOS apps for designers

IPhone is not just an ordinary phone but it is a lot more than that. Not only does it fulfill your basic requirements but along with that it is a source of complete entertainment. Besides games it offers a whole set of applications which are best suited for creative minds be it, 3D, illustration or animation.

Loads of apps have been provided by iPhone for its users who have a creative take on things. Most of you might be acquainted with photography, graphic design, animation or even illustration. For all of these interests you are at some stage compelled to use some of these obsessive apps to quench the thirst of your creativity. Mentioned below are the best free iPhone apps to download ASAP!


  1. Photoshop Fix: is a much simpler and simplified version of the Photoshop CC software, and comprises of adequate features to provide completely for your image editing requirements. Along with some familiar features from Photoshop for the desktop such as, heal and patch tool, layer editing and more it additionally contains a Liquify feature which enables you to “Push, pull, rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drastic effects.”


  1. Capture CC: is an app that is aimed at designers. With the use of your phone’s camera, you can select precise parts from an image and convert them into vector art using them as shapes or brushes. Apart from selective cropping, Capture CC is a combination of the Brush CC, Shape CC, Hue CC, and Color CC apps for iOS, which indicates how crazy and incredible Adobe’s package for iOS is. Adobe has created this app to “Quickly capture, edit, and share uniquely crafted design assets — including brushes, colors, filters and shapes — to use in apps like Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.”.

Both of above mentioned apps can tackle the capability of the Creative Cloud and Creative Sync by automated syncing projects across all platforms and providing those projects on your CC account.


  1. Lightroom Photoshop: You can use this app locally on your iOS device as a completely standalone product. Along with the entire range of image editing tools without the need for desktop app and an operating Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription. Photos can now be taken straight from the updated Lightroom app, and even carries the modern Dehaze There are various other exciting tools to dabble with.


  1. Typecast: if you are a fan of a variety of new fonts this is the best app you could possibly come across. It is basically a web-based app and lets you tryout various fonts from among 23,000 web fonts from sites such as Typekit, Fontdeck, and Google Fonts without the requirement of an account from anyone of these.

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  1. Doodle buddy: this is a free of cost doodling app which is quite fun to work with! It comes with an entire package of playful backgrounds and stamps. The user gets to pick from 44,000 colors which can be utilized using paintbrush, glitter pen, chalk or text. Moreover, there is a choice between using freehand drawing or a stencil.


  1. 3DMark: is a benchmark tool that is, the act of running a program, to evaluate the relative performance of an object. An iOS version of this is available now that’ll give your iPhone a thorough 3D workout. Now you can easily test and contrast the gaming performance of your Apple devices. It is even possible to compare your iOS benchmark scores with either android or windows phones. Even running the test scores is very exciting, which are mock-ups of 3D game. This is really fun to watch so, double the entertainment!


  1. Instagram: is a very popular photo-sharing app that not only allows users to take or upload their pictures but also has a variety of diverse filters which users can use to change the look of the original picture. Later the user can share those picture on various other social networking websites.


  1. Fontli: is a social networking site for those who love typography, it allows the users to compile and share different typographies that they come across every day. The users have the added benefit of using MyFonts database to integrate.


  1. Adobe Kuler: this is a recently launched app by Adobe and is best for color picking around a picture or various pictures. The main feature of this app is that you can set color themes and select themes of your own choice using the camera of your phone. It basically, acquires five marks of colors from any scene and creates a pattern that can be pulled out, saved and then sent off to other Adobe tools. It even enables you to pick out colors from your own gallery  the web. A number of options are provided after the creation of a palette such as, color wheel, preset color modes etc.


  1. Repix: this app overcomes the drawback of many apps that is; the fact that you have to apply filters to the whole image. Repix lets you “paint” various filter effects onto your picture from a choice of nine brushes that appear on the bottom of the screen. These vary from effects like, Posterize to overly creative like, Ink splats. Obviously, eraser and undo brush are both available.



  1. Sum05: this app is created by an Austrian software artist named, Lia. This app allows you to create patterns on the screen, with ease. It can be used by any illustrator or designer as it only requires the user to interact with the device to make it perform certain functions. User can simply create colorful patterns by tilting, shaking and tapping the device randomly in order to reposition curves and much more!


  1. Dotdotdot: allows you to regulate and formulate all of your eBooks, snippets of text and RSS feeds all together, badge and detect your favorite paragraphs easily, and contribute towards your social circle by sharing what you read on Facebook or Twitter and even fellow Dotdotdot users.

These are some of the many applications that are very useful and fun for iPhone users. Many of the apps are not even properly discovered yet. Such innovative apps have made iPhone much more popular and fascinating. Stay tuned to get more information about new apps!